Reckon you’re a Highway Code expert? Try our quick quiz.

  Be honest, when was the last time you looked at your Highway Code? If you’re like 55% of UK drivers, it was the day you passed your test. For a forty-year-old driver, that could be 23 years. For someone who is 60, it could be 43 years. Given that the Highway Code has had… read more

We love old TV car ads – feast your eyes on these!

Want to watch some car ads from yesteryear, filmed in FuzzyvisionTM and featuring comically outdated clothes/attitudes? Of course you do! All TV admakers face the same problem: they have a minute or less to make a product stick in your mind. Ideally, you should associate that product with things or you like. Just imagine the… read more

Even if you hate car maintenance, you should still do these basic checks

If we didn’t LOVE car maintenance, something would be terribly wrong! After all, as a successful independent garage, it’s what we do all day, every day, keeping car owners from Cardiff and South Wales on the road. But we get it – not everyone thinks like us. Some of you out there would rather watch… read more

Will Welsh 20 mph speed limits actually lower emissions?

One of the key arguments for introducing 20 mph speed restrictions on many Welsh roads has been that lower speeds will improve air quality and lower emissions. Yet with claims of increased travel time and choked roads following the restrictions, some are finding that difficult to swallow. In our third and final piece about the… read more

Wales now has its 20 mph speed limit – so how’s it panning out? Part Two

Last time, we looked at two aspects of the new 20 mph speed restrictions in Wales – how they were being enforced and whether they still had public support. On this outing, we’ll investigate whether the restrictions are actually doing what they’re supposed to, and what the effects are for everyone. Have the restrictions actually… read more

Wales now has its 20 mph speed limit – so how’s it panning out?

Back in December 2022, we published a blog post with the title Life in the slow lane: are you ready for Wales’ 20mph limit? You could check it out right now (thereby enriching your life almost infinitely), but to summarise, it looks at the pros and cons of the Welsh government’s introduction of new 20… read more