Three Cheers for Bonkers Car Modifications!

Who doesn’t love bonkers car modifications? We certainly do. They’re original, often tongue-in-cheek and give a much-needed rude gesture to the style police. With that in mind, we’ve collected together some vehicles to show what’s achievable with too much spare time. From the relatively subtle to the weird, thanks to the owners for making us laugh and reminding us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

1. No, less is NOT more

It’s often said that ‘less is more’. That idea is embodied in modern car design, which favours simple, minimalist principles.

In the above image, we see how mistaken that concept is. By adding extra swoops, angles, lines, indents, holes and even two well-placed bicycle pumps, the owner has created something of greater interest to humans and possibly budgies.

Let’s never forget the basic car-modding ideal. Less is not more. Only more is more.

2. Extreme downforce mod

Here, the owner holds true to the ‘more is more’ ideal. The modification to his eggy-bread coloured Porsche follows impeccable logic: if a normal spoiler adds downforce, then a super-sized one will keep the car glued to the road.

The added air resistance also limits the car to very low speeds, a welcome safety feature.

Note that this is one of the very few cars that offers a fully functional ironing board for an eight-foot-tall man.

3. Best of both worlds

Just think of the main advantages of owning a really large American truck:

  • shiny smokestack exhausts
  • horns that frighten the bejesus out of other road users.

But now think of a truck’s disadvantages. The fuel consumption is frankly terrible and it just won’t fit on the driveway of a typical home.

Brilliantly, this owner has produced a hybrid vehicle offering a truck’s advantages with none of its shortcomings.

You might as well sell those Tesla shares right now. This is the future.

4. A return to traditional materials


Wood has been used as a structural material in several classic cars. One thinks of the much-loved Morris Minor Traveller, for example, or the Marcos GT.

Here, the owner has reintroduced traditional materials into car design, boldly fusing a steel body with a wooden skirting board. A wooden spoiler completes the look. What’s more, the light grey and wood tones are very much on-trend.

Currently for sale, this one-off creation isn’t cheap, but it does come with a free plane. And some chisels.

5. A simply magnificient effort


Believe it or not, this car started life as a conventional MG F. However, using various household building materials (still on display behind the vehicle), the owner has transformed it into something strange and wonderful.

We have to be honest and say that it’s not totally convincing as a Bugatti Veyron. Nevertheless, the neighbour at No 20 (see bin) cries bitter tears of envy each time he gets into his boring shiny hatchback.

6. Economy of effort


This owner has taken a different, but equally valid, approach to his modifications. Instead of spending many hours adding metal, wood or tile grout, he has asked an important question: “What is the true essence of the Ferrari marque?”

We can see his answer.

It’s a reminder to us all that it’s far better to work smart than work hard.

7. Creating a calm driving environment


Thanks to for this. The accompanying text tells us that LED interior lights are, “fun, cool, aesthetic as well as practical.” Who are we to disagree?

What’s more, researchers have shown that this combination of intense light and colour can lower blood pressure and feelings of anxiety.

This may be because it’s almost impossible to concentrate on what other drivers are doing, leaving the driver free to enjoy a happy nightclub-like experience.

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